Our Services

our programs and services We focus on eliminating barriers and empowering women and girls at every age.

YWCA Houston has been impacting women since 1907. From 12-year olds to 90 plus, we offer programs and services that help women and girls succeed.  We’re on a mission to help them conquer life’s challenges such as breaking down barriers to college and career while empowering them with the self-confidence to lead, advance, and be good citizens. 

We provide homeless women with housing during the time of acute distress.  We are the go-to organization to help women enhance their social and personal development and live life fully.

Our current programs relate to girls and women that lack opportunities to learn and develop the skills that build strong, responsible, global citizens who are self-sufficient. Children must have soft skills such as communication and cooperation to be successful in college and the workplace. To motivate and challenge students to excel, and rise to a level of excellence in academics and leadership. We equip women, girls, and female entrepreneurs with the tools to develop the skills they need to succeed in life.