Who We Are

Welcome Since 1907, we have been on a mission to serve women and girls across all generations.

The organization was created during a time when there was great gender inequality towards women. A time where the opportunities for women were limited. A time where women didn’t have a voice. Our founders bravely stepped out and made it their mission to create change by addressing the issues during the time in which they lived.

Today we are still on a mission. We are creating change and addressing the issues that still plague women today: equal pay, racial justice, civil rights, economic empowerment, and advancement.

The issues of our founders might not look identical to the issues we’re addressing today; however, the mission of eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all unfortunately it still the same.

To our participants, friends, partners, donors, and funders, we ask you to join us on a mission to eliminate barriers and empower women and children at every stage of their life.

Dr. Janice Beal
Chair, YWCA Houston Board of Directors